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Miniature Horseshoe Heart

Miniature Horseshoe Heart

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Personalised Plaques

Personalised plaques can be added at special request please contact

This is our smallest Horseshoe Heart, created using shoes from Shetland sized ponies. Handforged into shape, the shoes are highly polished and finished with a protective lacquer.

Horseshoes are traditionally given to newlyweds to bring them luck, good fortune and fertility. Our Miniature Horseshoe heart is also an excellent present for new homeowners to bring them good luck and positivity. Also make a beautiful gift to remember a child’s first pony. 


  • The size will vary slightly but they are approximately 11cm L, 9cm H and 5cm W
  • Roughly 9cm H  x 11cm L x 5cm W  (however this varies depending on your own shoes if you choose to use them)
  • Each one is handmade and as such they will vary slightly in colour and composition, making for a unique gift.
  • Personalised plaques can be ordered separately.
  • Use your own Shetland-sized shoe if you have one


If out of stock: If you order, we can have one ready to ship in 7 days time.

Recycled Metal

Made from entirely reclaimed and recycled metal

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Interested in using your own horse's shoe?

Please get in touch with us before ordering if you would like to use your own shoes at

You will be required to provide a photo of the horseshoe you would like to use next to a ruler.

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Personalised Gift Ideas

We can add individualised plaques onto nearly all of our designs (just dependent on if the piece is large enough) to bear a loved person or a loved horse’s name. You can also combine different aspects from our different pieces to create a
piece bespoke to you…

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