• Special Occasion Gifts

    Popular for weddings and anniversaries, traditionally given to bring luck, fortune and fertility.

  • For The Home

    Great for a new home, whether for yourself or as a housewarming gift, to bring luck and prosperity into the home.

  • New Beginnings

    Gifts for someone who is setting 
    off on a new enterprise or a new 
    beginning in their lives.

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Memorial Forge Designs

Many people send us the shoes that their beloved horses wore, which we can then use in their sculptures. This is available at no extra cost to your design. This can also turn your orders into memorial sculptures to a passed horse.

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Personalised Gift Ideas  

We can add individualised plaques onto nearly all of our designs (just dependent on if the piece is large enough) to bear a loved person or a loved horse’s name. You can also combine different aspects from our different pieces to create a piece bespoke to you…

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A Talismanic History   

The horseshoe has been connected with magic and luck for a very long time, with a widespread belief in their power of luck and protection.

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Our Story

All our products are handmade in our small family forge. Mike spreads his time between being a Registered Farrier and making creative decorative pieces. From his work as a farrier he selects the interesting shoes from his horses and gives them a new life as pieces of art.

No two pieces of his art are the same due to the nature of his sculptures and the recycled nature of the horseshoes he uses. Even the temperature or the weather at the forge that day can change a piece drastically, meaning each piece is unique.

As we say, every shoe has it’s own story.

With all that we do and all that we make, we aim to retain a story. Be that your story from your own horse’s shoes, or from our stock of horseshoes.