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Horseshoe Globe Fire Pit

Horseshoe Globe Fire Pit

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Our stunning Horseshoe Globe Fire Pit will take the chill of the spring and autumn nights. They create the perfect atmosphere to toast marshmallows or to relax with a glass of wine. These make the perfect wedding or anniversary gift, for a new home, or if you just want to treat yourself to a cosy garden.

They are made from upcycled horseshoes and a mild steel bowl.
As the horseshoes and the bowl are exposed to the fire and elements they will rust to create a lovely natural patina which also acts as a protective seal ensuring years of use.  

Horseshoes have been a gift for centuries to give protection to the home and ward off evil. They are seen as fertility gifts and even after all these centuries they are still popular wedding gifts.


  • Roughly 2ft H x 2ft D
  • The horseshoe globe can be removed from the bowl for easier ash removal
  • Please note due to weight the base and the globe come as two separate shipments 
  • As the patina is developed over many months we do not recommend that these burners are placed on surfaces that are liable to stain as run-off may occur
  • We can use a few of your own horse's shoes to make it extra special. Mike will make sure they are marked and near the top of the globe. For this service please send us a message before purchase.
  • We currently have none in stock but they are available to order and would be ready to ship in 7 to 10 days time.
  • Personalised plaques can be ordered separately.
  • These can be collected in person from the forge.


If out of stock: If you order, we can have one ready to ship in 7 days time.

Recycled Metal

Made from entirely reclaimed and recycled metal

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Personalised Gift Ideas

We can add individualised plaques onto nearly all of our designs (just dependent on if the piece is large enough) to bear a loved person or a loved horse’s name. You can also combine different aspects from our different pieces to create a
piece bespoke to you…

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