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Golden Rose Horseshoe

Golden Rose Horseshoe

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Personalised Plaques

Personalised plaques can be added at special request please contact

Our Golden Rose Horseshoe is made from reclaimed brass, the petals are all hand-drawn, cut and forged into shape, no two roses are ever the same. The horseshoe is from one of the horses that Mike shoes on a regular basis, although in many instances we can use your own horse's shoes. Our Golden Rose is popular as a wedding gift, for golden wedding anniversaries, as a special gift of friendship and as retirement gifts. The golden colour also makes them the perfect colour for celebrating success or new beginnings.

Golden or Yellow roses symbolise friendship and joy. They are used to represent friendship, warmth, delight, gladness, caring and affection. The golden colour also can symbolise success, achievement and triumph. Adding in the Horseshoe brings its own symbolism, this is said to bring good luck and good fortune as well as protect the home from bad luck. 


  • 18cm length, 18cm high and 5 cm wide. As these are handmade the size will vary slightly.
  • Roughly 18cm H  x 5cm W x 18cm L (however this varies depending on your own shoes if you choose to use them)
  • Personalised plaques can be added to the base


If out of stock: If you order, we can have one ready to ship in 7 days time.

Recycled Metal

Made from entirely reclaimed and recycled metal

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Personalised Gift Ideas

We can add individualised plaques onto nearly all of our designs (just dependent on if the piece is large enough) to bear a loved person or a loved horse’s name. You can also combine different aspects from our different pieces to create a
piece bespoke to you…

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